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food wish

The Brief Facts About Foods

Posted on January 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

Food is the inevitable need in human life. But, you should also find the other more essential facts which probably bring some exceptions. There are some facts about foods which are probably out of your considerations. You and many other people out there commonly think about taste and price, but only few talk about the other sides of foods. Now, let’s find the brief ideas by reading the following explanation.

There are some truths about foods, but we will only talk about the real important truths which many people should know. The first fact is about nutrition. People mostly assume the raw vegetables provide them with higher nutrient value than the cooked ones. But, the cooked tomatoes are the exception. The cooked tomatoes offer the much higher antioxidant value than the raw ones.

The next fact is about berry. Berries come in various types and sizes. Surprisingly, the smaller berry provides the sweeter taste than the bigger one. So, it is good to buy the smaller berries if you wish to enjoy the delicious sweet taste. Absolutely, you can differentiate the types of berry from their colors and shapes.

What about the artificial colors in foods? The experts have conducted some researches and found that artificial food colors can trigger the ADHD symptoms. Ironically, many children really love to eat such foods and most of them merely look at the attractive looks of those unhealthy foods rather than understanding about the effects.

If you love to consume honey and add it into your tea and some foods at home, you will be happy with the fact that honey cannot spoil. This idea has been proven by some archaeologists who tasted the honey from Ancient time/era and they found the very astonishing fact: the honey is still edible. A hundred percent natural honey is not only ‘eternal’, but also beneficial for human health.

Human body can get the good benefits not only from honey, but also from green tea. Green teas have been claimed as the amazing source of antioxidant and become the part of culture too, especially for Japanese people. This kind of tea provides the good therapeutic effects if consumed four or five cups a day. Further, green tea is believed as the real helpful drinking for diet program.

Please remember that eating healthy foods is not only a choice, but it is a must for everyone. What about the unhealthy foods with a lot of preservatives? You can start to avoid it step by step for the better healthy life. As the example, please look at canned soups. The soups are very delicious not because of preservatives, but because of a lot of sugar. So, what can you conclude when you consume too much canned soups?

If you wish to eat only one kind of vegetable, the most recommended type of vegetable is spinach. It probably reminds you about Popeye, but it is not the point actually. Spinach is the best vegetable in providing the overall antioxidant and offers the best versatility for all recipes.

If we talk about fruits, what kind of fruits which contain a lot of antioxidants? Grape is only one of some good sources to consider. But, you will be surprised by the other facts that watermelon and cucumbers are the two of many most favorite fruits for dogs. Those fruits are really perfect in supplying valuable enzymes for their health systems. What about your daily foods? Have you started the healthy lifestyle too?

The Things You Wish That You Didn’t Find Out in Your Commercial Pet Foods

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The numerous objections we will make concerning the nutritional quality of animal convenience meals match into two categories. First, they do not comprise some ingredients we wish they did: sufficient portions and qualities of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in addition to the intangible qualities unique to live, fresh foods. Second, they do contain other things we wish they did not:

– Slaughterhouse wastes
– Poisonous products from spoiled foodstuffs
– Non-nutritive fillers
– Heavy-metallic contaminants
– Sugar
– Pesticides and herbicides
– Drug residues
– Artificial colours, flavors and preservatives
– Bacteria and fungi contaminants

Whenever you feed your pet convenience foods, you unknowingly assist to create another problem: The presence of varied toxins and pollutants actually will increase the body’s need for high quality nutrients necessary for combating or eliminating these similar contaminants. When the overall nutrition is already lower than it ought to be, we’re inviting trouble.

“However wait,” you say, “my cat loves this dry food and won’t eat anything else!” I have heard this statement many times. However here’s the thing to know: Animals don’t know any better. When food has the right smell and taste, like these they have become used to over the last number of centuries, they will eat it. Have you ever heard an advert for pet food in which the statement is made about all the research that has gone into the making of the food? Have you ever wondered about how much of that “research” was discovering the irrestible taste?

Thus far, we’ve got considered a few essential factors and the underlying observation is: how feeding the same processed foods over and over again clearly can not support the same level of well being that follows a natural diet. Now I appeal to all pet owners, the next time when you pick up that can of pet food in the supermarkets or pet shops somewhere, keep in mind the dangers you might be doing to your beloved pets.


Go For Home Made Dog Food To Save Your Money

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The people who have a wish to keep the pets at home, mostly love the dogs and cats in the category of pets. Pets are mostly faithful, and we want to take their of their food like we do care about our own nutrition. But there is no doubt in the fact that today the pets foods that are available in markets are mostly expensive, and it is hard to afford these along with many other expenses of home. So, it is a good idea to go for the home made dog food, so as to save some balance and also to give a nutrition of better quality to your pet.

So, we can simply say that the dog food that is cooked at home is not only a great way of saving money, but also ensures you that your pet is taking food that is of high quality. Being prepared in your own presence, and you being aware of the ingredients of the food, it is basically a source of satisfaction as well.

Normally, we are not familiar with the ways of how to cook the dog food; and so we are required to find a good cook book that can help us in putting in the exact recipe of cooking the food for our pets. There are several good books that can be downloaded from internet for free. Moreover, if you go to a book store, then you can easily find the pet food cook books.

A great cookbook by Ann N. Martin is “Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts about Pet Food”. In this book the author has provided the details about different kinds of dog foods, as well the recipes for cooking different foods for dogs as well as cats. It gives the details about different foods and their benefits for your pet. Another good book written by “Richard H. Pitcairn D.V.M., Susan Hubble Pitcairn” titled “Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats ” focuses on the nutrition that lists the foods that can be used for the treatment of pets when they get sick. We can simply call this book a superb addition to the collection of healthcare books for the pets.

There are lots of books that are available online, and also in different books stores plus libraries, that would provide you with the detailed instructions about the care of your pets from every respect. Whether it be the healthcare of your pet, or you wish to prepare some healthy and full of nutrition diet for your dog or cat; you can take help from a good cook book.

The homemade dog food that is prepared at home is normally considered or listed at the most healthy dog food. Whatever the breed of your dog is, you should take care of its health to the maximum. There is no doubt in the benefits of preparing dog food for your pet at home, because it brings with it good health of your pet as well the saving of your money at your convenience.