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The Things You Wish That You Didn’t Find Out in Your Commercial Pet Foods

Posted on January 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

The numerous objections we will make concerning the nutritional quality of animal convenience meals match into two categories. First, they do not comprise some ingredients we wish they did: sufficient portions and qualities of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in addition to the intangible qualities unique to live, fresh foods. Second, they do contain other things we wish they did not:

– Slaughterhouse wastes
– Poisonous products from spoiled foodstuffs
– Non-nutritive fillers
– Heavy-metallic contaminants
– Sugar
– Pesticides and herbicides
– Drug residues
– Artificial colours, flavors and preservatives
– Bacteria and fungi contaminants

Whenever you feed your pet convenience foods, you unknowingly assist to create another problem: The presence of varied toxins and pollutants actually will increase the body’s need for high quality nutrients necessary for combating or eliminating these similar contaminants. When the overall nutrition is already lower than it ought to be, we’re inviting trouble.

“However wait,” you say, “my cat loves this dry food and won’t eat anything else!” I have heard this statement many times. However here’s the thing to know: Animals don’t know any better. When food has the right smell and taste, like these they have become used to over the last number of centuries, they will eat it. Have you ever heard an advert for pet food in which the statement is made about all the research that has gone into the making of the food? Have you ever wondered about how much of that “research” was discovering the irrestible taste?

Thus far, we’ve got considered a few essential factors and the underlying observation is: how feeding the same processed foods over and over again clearly can not support the same level of well being that follows a natural diet. Now I appeal to all pet owners, the next time when you pick up that can of pet food in the supermarkets or pet shops somewhere, keep in mind the dangers you might be doing to your beloved pets.